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Direct image transfer (DIT) Decorative Panels
3D feature wall with DIT process
Product description
  • Applicable to most panels or treated surface substrates.
  • Architects, Consultants and Interior designers has the best flexibilities and choice of Selections without limitations.
  • Flexible and low cost applications.
  • Easy installations, maintenance and replaceable.
  • Patterns and designs are easily replicable with excellent consistency.
  • Green products classifications.
  • Fast turnaround item, no lead time issues.
  • No limitations to colors designs and themes.
  • Specially tailored, made to order concepts, color styling, effects & scheme, images, graphics, pictures, photos, portrait.
  • Etc….
Murals feature wall with DIT orcess
Industries we supports
  • Architects
  • Interior designers
  • Consultants
  • Building Owners
  • Developers
  • Home Owners
  • Design Consultants
  • Hotels
Glass table with DIT processes
Types of Materials & Substrates
  • Metals sheets – SUS, Aluminum, Coated Metals, etc….
  • Plastics Sheets – PC, PET, PMMA
  • Glass or Mirror Panels
  • Synthetic or Artificial Panels
  • Timber & wood Flooring or panels
  • Gypsum boards
  • Polymer Solid Surfaces
  • Etc….
Applicable products
  • Decorative Wall Paneling
  • Lifestyles & Home Decors
  • Commercial buildings, Homes & Offices
  • Interior Decorations
  • Vanity & Kitchen Tops
  • Featured Walls or Back Drops
  • Divider and Partitions
  • Engineering Panels
  • Wall Claddings
  • Glass Windows & Doors
  • Signage
  • Restaurant Table & Counter Tops
  • Elevators Doors
  • Consumers Electronics, Digital Display Media
  • Home Appliances, Air-con panels. Etc….
Granite effects made by DIT   Glass doors made by DIT
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